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Links & Resources

Our chapter members have found these web sites and resources to be useful and informative. Please keep in mind that the sites listed may not necessarily be officially endorsed by the Central New York ASA Chapter or the National Autism Society of America.

To report a broken link, please e-mail us at:

Syracuse Area Resources

Additional Local Resources

Local Dietician:

Health Food Stores/Grocery with Natural Section:

Eatery/Store featuring Organic/Gluten Free/Vegan:

Natural & Organic Herbal Products (local):

Integrative Pediatrician:

BioEnergetic Practitioner/Holistic Health:

Energy Therapy:




  • Syracuse Neurofeedback
    Syracuse Office Phone:
    Barry Bates: (315) 492-3789 or Priscilla Young: (315) 350-8816
    Priscilla Young's Office in Truxton, NY: (607) 842-6849


N.A.E.T. and Energy Therapy:

  • Dr. Ewa Lukasik: Acupuncture, N.A.E.T., and Energy Therapy
    E-mail contact:
    Phone: (315) 446-0535

Essential Oils and Detox Treatments:

Binghamton Area Resources

Preschool Programs:

New York State Resources

National & Regional Organizations


Other Treatment Resources

Educational & Legal Resources

Family Resources

Sites for Individuals (& Their Families) with
Autism & Asperger's Syndrome



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